Conveniently Located Facilities

WX HubThe Logistic Partnerships’ WX Hub is conveniently located for National and International operations next to London’s M25, with easy access to the European motorway network and the major UK airports. Modern facilities can provide your business with state-of-the-art Packing, Labelling and Storage solutions, however large or small your requirements.

Multi-Temperature Warehousing

WarehouseAmbient, Chilled and Frozen storage facilities stretch to over 150,000 square feet, within a 24 hour secure site. Flexible refrigerated storage facilities provide 7 separate chambers and 11 possible temperature regimes, catering for both chilled and frozen food.

The WX Hub also contains Cross Dock pallets allowing suppliers to conveniently reach retailer Regional Distribution Centres.

Fast, Effective Packing Operations

PackingA sophisticated packing operation includes Quality Inspection, Washing, Grading, Prepacking, Date and Bar Coding, whilst labelling facilities include 11 flow wrappers with in–line scales, on-line printing and on-line label applicators and multi-head weighers with e-weight capability. Quality Assurance is provided on-site, prior to despatch.

Efficient Office Systems

OfficeA skilled team of food packing and distribution specialists have extensive retail and supply chain service experience. Working with you, they daily plan to manage quality and availability, consistently providing the highest levels of service.

Experienced back office staff manage all documentation associated with product distribution, including Customs clearance and health certification. We have invested in the latest technology associated with route planning, information telecommunication systems and the servicing of customer accounts.